About Bill Waltman
The National Battlefield Coin
William A. Waltman, SR, or Bill as he is known to his friends and family, has been a
coin collector since 1953.  At the age of six,Bill began collecting coins whenever his
first grade teacher introduced him to the hobby.  Whenever Bill would pay for his
lunch with silver, he would receive nickels back as change.  Bill asked if he should
start a coin collection and she brought in Lincoln cent and Jefferson blue Whitman
folders to fill on Wednesdays and Fridays for one hour after school.  This started a
love for coins which has never ceased.

Bill's grandmother owned a Texaco gas station and allowed him to help for 2 or 3
hours a day after school and in the summer.  For pay, he would receive half dollars
and silver dollars.  This lead to Bill's fascination with Morgan dollars and you will
notice many Morgan dollars in his show cases. Bill has assembled several complete
sets and assists others in assembling sets of Morgan dollars.

After graduating from high school, Bill enlisted into the United States Navy,
completed Basic Training in Great Lakes, Michigan and attended 'A' school for
communications at Norfolk, VA.  Upon completion of 'A' school, Bill was assigned
to the U.S. Naval Communication building in Norfolk, VA.  While there, Bill was
an avid athlete who competed in softball, basketball and football.  Bill married
Janet Compton on April 29th, 1967 and was transferred to Vietnam on
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May 20th, 1967.  Bill served as a mobile radio operator (TAD) in and around the Danang area assigned to a Marine Platoon and was
honorably discharged in October 1968.    

Once settled back into civilian life, Bill resumed collecting coins and joined the Western Maryland Coin Club where he has been
the Vice President for 17 years.  Bill enjoys dealing coins at shows under the name B J Knuckles Coins.  Stop and talk to Bill
at the next show.

Bill, along with Mike Dixon, promote the National Battlefield Coin Show™ at the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center in
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in April and September of each year.
Bill Waltman, Vice President of Communications
Battlefield Coin Shows™